Tell Your Story Through Captivating Video


Video has been a staple content medium of any solid marketing plan for a few years now, and it’s here to stay. Your audience is looking for authentic connection. Capture your message in a way that draws in your ideal client with professional video production.

Creating videos that get new clients goes much further than pressing record:


You want your video to tell a story and connect with your target audience. Utilizing storyboarding in pre-production gives you the opportunity to draw out your ideas and visualize how the video will cut together. During this process, it’s important to keep in mind what platform you’ll be posting your videos to so you can reach the right people with the right content. All of this work on the frontend allows you to have a fully developed plan before you start shooting and provides a cohesive final product for your viewers.


All video production begins with a written idea. Often, a detailed description or concept document is enough to get the video project started. If dialogue is needed, it’s important to have quality writing that will captivate your audience and engage them in the customer journey. If the video is going to be a key part of your marketing strategy, the message has to be as good as the visuals.

Scene Setup

Scene setup, or set design, is critical to ensuring your video looks as natural as possible. There are certain tricks experienced videographers use in the production process to create depth and decorate scenes without the viewer noticing. If a viewer catches something that seems unnatural or out of place, it can distract from the subject of the video and hinder the delivery of your message. Choosing the right set for your business and the purpose of the video is important and can be the difference between a quality, persuasive video and one that falls flat.

Production Sound

You want your potential customers to be engaged with your video. Poor quality sound is distracting at best and, at worst, could lead viewers to look elsewhere for services. You’ll need professional equipment to deliver quality brand videos that make an impact on your target audience and drive business.


Lighting is essential to creating high quality video. If the lighting isn’t just right, your footage will turn out looking unprofessional and uninteresting. That’s not something you can fix in post production. Professional-grade lighting is a necessity if you want to create persuasive videos and help your business reach its marketing goals.

Camera Equipment

Your equipment, setup, and framing can make or break your video. You want to make sure you’re using quality, cutting-edge equipment to produce the video that will captivate your audience and drive conversions. Having a team with the knowledge and expertise needed to properly frame shots, utilize the right equipment, create depth, and produce professional video will take your business to the next level.


Post-production editing refers to the entire process of selecting and modifying video content, recorded sound, music, and visual graphics to create a complete video. This is where color-grading comes into play to create the overall tone and visual mood of your video. Expert level color-grading can take a video from amateurish to cinematic in the blink of an eye. You’ll want access to the best post-production softwares to create videos that will captivate potential customers and grow your business.

Visual Effects

Visual effects help your video stand out. Good effects engage audiences and refine your message by highlighting information and communicating your creative vision. There are a variety of styles and methods you can utilize depending on the purpose of your video and the audience you’re trying to reach.

The DCM Approach

As long as humans are involved in business transactions, it is vital to create personal connections. Video gives you an opportunity to humanize your brand and speak to your ideal client in a way that grabs attention and drives straight to the heart of their needs.

Any worthwhile video production must have a goal in mind. Our full service video production team carefully orchestrates shoots with the following considerations:

Once you have this fantastic video, it’s critical to publish the content on the necessary platforms/outlets to match the intention. This ensures the message gets the attention it deserves and serves its purpose as part of your larger digital marketing plan.


Encore Bank previously trusted Dave Creek Media with the formal announcement of the second round of capital raise. We not only captured the partner and opportunity introductions, but also traveled to Fort Worth, Texas to get Market Leader testimonials.

Your Video Marketing Strategy

Many businesses fall into the trap of producing video to simply say it’s been done. The weaker the intention, the less effective the video will be at having a measurable impact on your bottom line. We can help your business leverage video with three primary ways to establish intention:

Your video needs a clear message that speaks to a specific individual to create an instant connection. This matches closely with your ideal customer and service line.

How you deliver the message matters whether it’s by educating, storytelling, or simply entertaining. This builds trust with each local market.

The video must inspire some form of action to drive engagement and responses. Your videos will solidify intent and tie directly to conversion points.

When properly utilized, video has the power to drive massive engagement, increase time on your website or social profile, and even boost SEO rankings. It takes a skillful combination of high-quality visuals with story and strategy to engage customers and see measurable results. Get in touch today to find out more!

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