Businesses need a new breed of marketing.

Marketing becomes the manifestation of your brand – it embeds itself in the very DNA of your business from the front desk to the c-suite.

Because consumers are ultimately in control, all we can do is create the best experience to help them.

This kind of marketing doesn’t get leftover budget. Instead, you invest confidently knowing that returns are expected, and you have the data to prove it.

To make this possible, we adopt these truths:

We will always speak to humans because every transaction has a human on both sides.

We know every person has problems, and it is our mission to connect them to their perfect solution.

We lead with authenticity, gain trust through building relationships beyond the sale, and earn loyalty over time.

Marketing has always been a journey. The brands that win are able to craft a memorable experience across all touch points and ultimately connect what your customer needs to the solutions you provide. 

We strive to:


Go All In Every Day

Every day, our team shows up ready to give their best in everything they do. No matter how big or small the task, we go all in.


Remember the Client

Our clients are the reason we exist. In everything we do, people are always the focus and we work hard to help our clients succeed.


Own What We Do

The good and the bad, our team owns it all. We believe that honesty is always the right choice, and we sign our names to our work.


Win Together

We believe that a client win is a win for us! Our team works together to help businesses GROW, and collaboration is critical to the way we function.

Over 65 years of combined experience gets you battle-tested results.

Dave Creek Media was founded in 2017 by two corporate executives with experience helping Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized companies grow revenue, increase profits, and scale in the US and internationally.

Today, Glenn Crockett leads the Success Team which seeks out businesses ready for growth. Jeff Standridge provides business strategy and assists with business development.

In 2020, Dave Creek Media added Jakob Michaelis as a partner and leader of the Growth Team which builds the intricate systems that drive our Connected Marketing Architecture framework.

We have executed hundreds of digital campaigns for companies across the United States. Our combination of business savvy, data intelligence, and marketing strategy gives our clients a distinct advantage and revenue growth to match.

Our Team

Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to execute a complete digital marketing system. To keep up with the pace of digital, you need a team with a diverse skill set rooted in successful marketing strategies and bleeding-edge trends. Every member of Dave Creek Media brings a specific passion that weaves its way into every client we serve. While your project will have a dedicated team, know that we operate as a unit. That means when we partner with you, you’ve added an entire company of experts obsessed with your success.

Glenn Crockett

Chief Executive Officer

Jakob Michaelis

Chief Strategy Officer

Stephanie Crockett

Director of Finance and HR

Katie Johns

Director of Operations

Zach Carter

Director of Revenue

Evan Akins

Paid Traffic & Analytics Intern

Richa Bailey

Client Success Specialist

Dalton Barker

Paid Traffic & Analytics Specialist

Daniel Beltram

Videography Specialist

Shelby Borel

Website Specialist

Nick Bosworth

Videography Specialist

Bailey Brock

Senior Website Specialist | Team Lead

Graham Brown

Project Manager | Team Lead

Jayla Burris

Paid Traffic & Analytics Specialist

Zach Cadiente

Client Growth Specialist

Will Clark

Promotional Sales Specialist

Tim Clay

Graphic Design Specialist

Haley Dangel

Senior Promotional Specialist | Team Lead

Sarah Fagan

Client Success Specialist

Claire Franklin

Copywriting Specialist

Bruce Glenn

Client Growth Specialist

Cody Granger

Senior Videography Specialist | Team Lead

Ireland Green

Client Success Specialist Intern

Jacie Harvel

Copywriting Specialist

Addy Hasley

Website Intern

Cassidy Higgins

Client Success Specialist

Ragan Huse

Client Growth Specialist

Cailey Koch

Copywriting Specialist

Austin Maxey

Senior Graphic Design Specialist

Monica McGhee

Video Intern

Gabi Pervis

Social Media Specialist

Julio Pinales

Videography Specialist

Paul Rasmussen

Senior Videography Specialist

Lucia Rust

Project Manager

Wesley Smith

Onboarding Specialist

Dustin Vangsnes

Client Success Specialist

Justin Velte

Senior Paid Traffic & Analytics Specialist | Team Lead