Level Up Your Marketing Performance With a Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing can be one of the hardest parts of owning a business. You know it’s important, but it’s hard to find the time, and trying to keep up with the trends is a full-time job. If you’ve found yourself in the dark when it comes to marketing your business, or you need some inspiration on where to apply your efforts, a digital marketing audit could shed some much-needed light.

What Is a Digital Marketing Audit?

Digital marketing audits are a systematic deep dive into your online presence that can give you a full-picture view of how your digital marketing efforts are performing. Your audit will show you what’s working and what isn’t, so you can alter your course and steer your business in the right direction.

Signs It's Time for A Digital Marketing Audit

Here’s the thing. It’s never a bad idea to perform a digital marketing audit. If your business has any online presence at all, you will benefit from taking stock of how your digital marketing strategy is landing with your target audience.

If you’re still on the fence, ask yourself a few questions:

If you aren’t 100% sure that your digital marketing campaign is achieving your goals, then it’s time for a digital audit.

Five Areas That You Need to Focus On

When conducting a digital marketing audit, you should pay attention to:

Search Engine Optimization & Online Visibility

These days, it seems like search engine algorithms are always changing. One constant is how vital it is to have SEO-friendly content woven throughout your marketing efforts to boost your rankings and outperform your competitors. Conducting an SEO audit will reveal how you can improve your online visibility and make your services more accessible to potential customers. Utilizing metadata and including relevant keywords are just a couple of ways you can level up your search engine marketing.

Performance & Security

The foundation of any relationship is trust. If you aren’t actively building trust with your audience by improving your web visitor experience, you’re likely missing out on quality leads. Slow loading pages and low security heavily affect conversion rates, so small updates like SSL Certification and improving site speed can deliver substantial results.

User Experience

A little design work can go a long way to improve the user experience of your website. Mobile-friendly design, relevant headlines and copy, and professional branding are all critical in establishing authority and moving your user through the customer journey. Performing a website audit will reveal weak spots so you can improve the way your potential customers interact with your business.

Content Format & Copy

Your web content is the backbone of your online presence. If that content is confusing, ill-formatted, or unclear, your customer will abandon your website in favor of something more accessible. Your copy should be relevant and compelling with clear calls to action so your visitor knows exactly who you are, why they would benefit from your product or services, and what their next steps are.

Conversion Optimization

Getting people to your website is challenging enough. Once they land there, you want to do everything you can to convert them into paying customers. Having trust factors like awards, certifications, or guarantees and clear opt-in points can help drive conversions and boost meaningful interactions on your site.

Benefits of Requesting a Dave Creek Media Growth Audit

Performing a quality, comprehensive digital marketing audit is a time-consuming endeavor. Outsourcing your audit to marketing professionals saves you that time and keeps you out of the weeds of the audit process. Though there are plenty of resources out there for you to perform your own, many of the automated tools miss critical elements that impact the effectiveness of your online presence. That’s why our team of specialists uses a combination of automated tools and manual analysis to uncover the gaps in your marketing and identify strategies that will help your business grow.

How much does a comprehensive marketing audit cost, you ask?

It’s totally free. No strings attached.

If you are a business owner who is serious about seeing your business grow, we want to help. Request your free Growth Audit today.