Use Video Brochures to Make a Lasting Impression on Your Prospects

Lead brochure campaigns are a new weapon for B2B prospecting. Connect with us if you're ready to work smarter, stand out from the competition, and get results.

Video content is one of the most popular content types for a marketing campaign. So, if you have stellar video content, how do you get it in front of your target audience? How do you make it stand out from all of the others?

A video brochure delivers your video message in a way that separates you from the competition.

What Is a Video Brochure?

With a custom print and HD display, video brochures are the future of video marketing. Video Brochures come in a variety of styles – from bifold and trifold to softcover video brochures and hardcover video brochures with varying brochure and screen sizes.

A video brochure is mailed directly to your prospective client or customer. When they receive this brochure, they’ll open it to see a video message, which automatically plays when it is opened (although the brochure also offers play/pause controls).

How Can You Utilize Video Brochures?

Video brochures deliver a wow factor that your plain business card cannot. Many of our lead brochure clients use them as video business cards for prospecting sales, but video brochures may also be used for—

  • Fundraising
  • Invitations & Events
  • Training & Education
  • Recruitment & On-boarding
  • Product Launch

What’s Included in a Video Brochure? (If You Choose the Right One)

Custom Solutions

Everything about your video brochure is customizable, including the finish, brochure size, memory capacity, screen size, and more.

HD Video Display

Your high-quality video should be displayed on a high-definition screen so it can be seen the way it’s supposed to.

Graphic Design

None of your efforts matter if your video brochure doesn’t get opened. Ensure your prospect opens your video brochure with appealing, professional graphic design.

Button Functions

There’s no need to worry about your brochure becoming annoying like one of those singing birthday cards. Video brochures feature play/pause buttons and volume control buttons.


Video brochures include charging cords for the electronic components so that your message never dies.

Why Should You Consider a Lead Brochure Campaign?

A lead brochure campaign offers results rarely seen in marketing:

100% Open Rate

Video mailers engage potential customers in a way that other mailers can’t. They immediately stand out and grab your prospect’s attention with an engaging video. This innovative technology makes your advertisement impactful to more senses and makes an impression that will resonate for months.

Avoids Trash (longer desk life)

Your standard, boring mail-out typically ends up taking a trip straight to the trash can, becoming a complete waste of your ad spend. In contrast, a video mailer attracts customers with a fresh design and high-tech features that invite the customer to watch the video and engage with you and your brand.

Unavoidable Demand Generation

With so many businesses – both large and small – innovating the ways that they market their products and services, customers have a lot of different brands competing for their attention. A video brochure engages the customer and will increase your odds of staying in your customer’s memory.

Trackable Engagement

An expert paid traffic and analytics team can determine your audience and send targeted ads to them once lead brochures have been mailed. This allows the prospect to engage with your brand on multiple platforms and makes them more likely to remember your company and accept your offer.

Measurable ROI

A QR code in each lead brochure gives your prospect an opportunity to scan and take their next step with your company. This QR code will take them to a landing page where they can opt in or learn more about your offer, giving you a way to track conversion rates and ROI.

Choose Dave Creek Media for Superior Video Brochures

At Dave Creek Media, we take your dream client list (or help you create one) and establish an omnichannel execution plan to warm up a prospect and set your sales team up for success.

When you work with us for lead brochure services, we’ll take care of it all – the graphic design elements, conversion-focused copy, video production, supporting ads, and landing pages. We even order the brochures, upload the video content, and mail them to prospects for you. And after prospective clients receive the brochures, we can track conversion rates and ROI.

Lead brochure campaigns are a new weapon for B2B prospecting. Connect with us if you’re ready to work smarter, stand out from the competition, and get results.

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