Engage Your Ideal Audience Where They Hang Out


Social media platforms make meaningful connections by design. While the execution may vary between them, the intention of authentic conversation is a common thread. As a result, brands can leverage their social media accounts to gain new customers with the right social media marketing strategy.

Successful social media strategies perfectly execute these specific components:

Establish where you should build a social media presence.

Many businesses spread their content too thin to be on every social media platform possible. The result is weak content everywhere instead of solid content in the places that matter most to your marketing goals. Choose the social media channels that match what your brand offers and where the highest concentration of your target audience hangs out.

Research relevant topics for your business and your ideal audience.

Research is the step we see skipped over most often. On social media platforms, it’s important to identify your target audience and create relevant content. This can’t be done without research. What does your audience care about? Why should you be the one to have that conversation?

Write and design posts that speak to an individual.

If your social media efforts are going to captivate your target audience, you have to think about the one person (your ideal customer) that you want to reach with your social media posts. While there are dozens of tools available to design posts, the post text is just as important, if not more. Content creation should be intentional if you expect anyone to pay attention.

Schedule consistent posts throughout the week.

Like the majority of consumers, your target audience is spending a lot of time on different social media platforms. If your content is going to break into their feed, it must be consistent. There isn’t a single post that will convert your social media followers into customers. Creating brand awareness takes a steady stream of content to establish brand recognition and nurture this audience until they are ready to move to the next stage of the customer journey.

Don’t forget to stay social.

Social media should never be a one-sided conversation. If you hire a social media agency to help with social posting, don’t forget to stay engaged. Responding to comments, replying to other businesses in your industry, and posting more organic content throughout the month will help your brand establish a profile worthy of engagement.

The DCM Approach

Businesses that fail to turn likes and followers into paying customers often get on social media because they think it’s what they were supposed to do. Posting feels more like a chore, engagement is hit or miss, and growth isn’t happening. The right social media marketing agency can turn these channels into a warm audience ready to take the next step.

We’ve seen these strategies play out repeatedly and know what it takes to turn your social media pages into a traffic source for high-quality leads.


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Innovation Junkie helps organizational leaders generate measurable and sustained results through innovation and strategy consulting. Our specialists were able to create brand unity and showcase Innovation Junkie’s value through consistent posting and social media best practices, boosting their following and engagement rates. Innovation Junkie continues to grow through improved strategies and DCM’s social media marketing efforts. 

Your Social Media Posting

Our social media specialists have crafted thousands of social media posts for various industries across all major platforms. These four key areas make a solid social media profile on any platform:

Every social media post should have an audience and goal. We have a specific intention and message to speak to your audience in different stages of the customer journey.

It’s critical for a social media agency to understand your business, industry, and audience. This combination produces the most authentic content.

We combine our research and the established goals to craft social media posts. The content educates and informs your audience to position your business as a trusted authority.

We develop content that educates and informs your audience to bring them further down the customer journey to deeper levels of awareness about your brand and offers.

Business profiles typically sell in every post or never sell at all. Our balanced content calendar creates the connection that gets your audience ready to convert with a well-timed call to action.

Social media posting shouldn’t be ignored as a valuable component of any digital marketing efforts. Dedicated attention from digital marketing experts can leverage your social media presence for growth while you focus on your business. Get in touch today to find out more!

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