Strategic & Targeted Ads Drive Results

Paid Advertising

The bridge between your solution and someone’s problem isn’t complete if you don’t capture attention. You can leverage advertising platforms to put your message directly in front of your ideal customer and start the buying journey to gain qualified leads. Whether it’s paid search ads, social media marketing, or banner ads through the google display network, a solid paid advertising strategy can be the fuel you need to power your marketing efforts.

Successful ad strategies perfectly execute these specific components:

Proper Campaign Objective

Choosing the right objective is the backbone of successful paid advertising campaigns. Your ultimate goal might be to drive more traffic to your site, increase brand awareness, or get more conversions. It’s necessary to know what you want your end goal to be at the forefront of your campaign so that it can align with messaging, targeting, and tracking of your paid ads.

Well-Defined Audience

If you want to achieve your campaign goals, you have to have a well-defined target audience. Then, once you’ve defined this audience, you have to begin understanding your target customers – their thoughts, feelings, opinions, problems, and desires. Once you’ve identified these, you can begin your marketing strategy, deciding what paid advertising channels to use and what types of content your audience will respond best to.

Engaging Message & Visuals

Once you have set a campaign objective and defined your target audience, you can begin creating a marketing strategy and decide what content you should use for marketing your product or service to your target customer. Consider what is going to make potential customers stop scrolling, interact with your ad, and eventually take the desired action.

Effective Split Testing

Split testing involves showing two similar versions of an ad to a target audience or running the same ad to two different audiences and then tracking which version performs the best. You can also consider how different headlines, text ads, images, video ads, value propositions, and target audiences generate different results.

Tracking & Analyzing Performance

When it comes to paid advertising, it’s crucial to learn what works and what doesn’t, so that you can adapt if needed. Tracking and analyzing ad performance gives you the insight so you can place ads with the right content in front of the right audience so that they take the desired action, ultimately allowing you to get the most out of your digital marketing.

The DCM Approach

One of the biggest leaks in paid advertising is poor targeting. Spending valuable ad dollars putting your message in front of the wrong audience can be devastating. However, if you take a data-driven approach to your advertising, it will pay off.  

There’s a mix of art and science held together by experience to craft successful paid ad campaigns. We’ve run hundreds of campaigns and analyzed millions of impressions to understand what works and what doesn’t so you squeeze the most out of every dollar of ad spend.


Conway Regional Health System trusts Dave Creek Media with all of their paid ad campaigns. Our targeted approach focuses on search and social ads to increase their reach throughout the Central Arkansas region.

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Your Paid Ads

We emphasize budget a lot because we fully believe ad campaigns shouldn’t be an expense, but an investment with returns expected. There are three focus areas that align with this belief:

Every ad campaign will have a specific viewer with an end-result in mind. We have specific outcomes based on where the ad falls in the customer journey.

Whether it’s driving traffic or qualified lead submissions, we have an ad strategy that leads to a conversion point. No two ads will have the same conversion – unless we’re split-testing them.

We closely monitor the budget and take a conservative approach to the ad strategy. Once we dial in a winning campaign, we’ll scale it with additional spend.

Some businesses are hesitant to run paid ads because they don’t see it increasing revenue. For us, that’s the only goal that matters. Paid ads are the fuel to your entire marketing system. We would never waste your money on ads that don’t convert. Get in touch today to find out more!

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