Land Appointments With Your Dream Clients

Lead Brochures

While your competition is using traditional marketing, they are missing out on one key element to landing big clients: personalization. Lead Brochures open locked doors, stand out, and get you more appointments.

A lead brochure campaign offers results rarely seen in marketing:

100% Open Rate

Lead brochures engage potential customers in a way that other mailers can’t. They immediately stand out and grab your prospect’s attention with an engaging video. This innovative technology makes your advertisment impactful to more senses and makes an impression that will resonate for months.

Avoids Trash (longer desk life)

Your standard, boring mail-out typically ends up taking a trip straight to the trash can, becoming a complete waste of your ad spend. In contrast, a video mailer attracts customers with a fresh design and high-tech features that invite the customer to watch the video and engage with you and your brand.

Unavoidable Demand Generation

With so many businesses, both large and small, innovating the ways that they market their products and services, customers have a lot of different brands competing for their attention. A video brochure engages the customer and will increase your odds of staying in your customer’s memory.

Trackable Engagement

Once we’ve determined your audience and mailed out the lead brochures, we can send targeted ads to them. This allows them to engage with your brand on multiple platforms and makes them more likely to remember your company and accept your offer.

Measurable ROI

We include a QR code in each lead brochure that your prospect can scan to take their next step with your company. This QR code will take them to a landing page where they can opt-in or learn more about your offer, giving you a way to track conversion rates and ROIs.

The DCM Approach

Dave Creek Media certainly didn’t invent the video brochure. What we’ve done is take an interesting physical marketing piece and turn it into a show-stopping tool that gets past gatekeepers and demands attention.

For any business that needs to reach a protected decision-maker, lead brochures are the key to unlock doors and book high-value appointments. To ensure success, it takes a well-crafted campaign that gets trackable results.


After 20 years in the industry, Central Tube and Bar was looking for an innovative way to reach new leads. We helped create landing pages focused on industry topics and sent targeted lead brochures to high-value prospects. Along with paid ad support and email outreach, this omnichannel approach has resulted in a number of secured contracts.

Your Lead Brochure Campaign

We take your dream client list (or help you create one) and establish an omnichannel execution plan to warm up a prospect and set your sales team up for success.

Introduce a specific problem you solve to get your prospect’s attention, then start the conversation through captivating video and persuasive messaging.

The brochure by itself shouldn’t carry the weight of selling. That’s why we use retargeting ads (with audiences focused down to the prospect’s office) and a landing page that continues the dialogue.

Even rockstar salespeople can benefit from a plan with detailed timing for follow-up calls, voicemail messages, and emails. Working with your sales team keeps our efforts on track and relevant.

Lead brochure campaigns are a new weapon for B2B prospecting. Savvy teams are working smarter through these targeted efforts that get noticed and (more importantly) get results. Get in touch today to find out more!

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