Utilize Chatbots to Create Meaningful Conversations With Your Customers

Chatbot Service

As the buying journey becomes more complex, making the user experience on your website as frictionless as possible becomes more important. Chatbots enhance the customer experience by allowing your customers to interact with your brand 24/7 without the need for human conversation.

Many are wary when it comes to artificial intelligence and chatbot technology. However, chatbots can act as virtual assistants, saving you time, money, and stress. Some proven benefits that come with utilizing chatbots include:

Automate Conversations

Organizations can save time and money by automating conversations that would otherwise require an employee to answer. Automated conversations can also better your customer services, as a chatbot can answer customer questions 24/7. This helps you significantly decrease the average response time, increasing customer satisfaction.

Drive Sales

With an 80% open rate, chatbots can help you get higher ROI and drive more sales. This may be linked to the convenience of a chatbot. Your customer gets a convenient, personalized experience so that they can find the product or service that fits them best without having to speak with actual sales reps.

Get More Leads

DCM’s chatbot platform allows us to create personalized and interactive conversations in various messaging platforms from your digital ads, visitors to your website, QR codes, or comments on your Facebook posts. This offers many opportunities to find new leads and engage users.

Engage Prospects

Chatbots allow you to build relationships with customers and give them a unique customer experience with interactive and tailored content. This will enable you to build a following without putting in nearly as much effort as you would without a chatbot, meaning you have more time to focus on running your business.

The DCM Approach

Chatbots can be a game-changer in improving your customer service. However, you need an expert team to assist in chatbot development to avoid any pesky technical issues and ensure that the chatbot is doing the most to help website visitors through the customer journey. Our team at DCM will make sure your chatbot is doing everything that it’s designed to do:

Our team can also use insight and analytics features to understand what’s working to turn customer interactions with chatbots into conversions.


Austin Evans is a Central Arkansas realtor dedicated to making real estate simple and accessible to his clients. We helped him streamline his customer journey by creating a chatbot and linking it to his Facebook page. This allows him to qualify leads, store their information, and engage with potential clients even when he’s offline.

Your AI Chatbot Options

Our team at DCM will check all the boxes when it comes to implementing chatbots with your digital marketing plan. We will completely handle the setup process and ensure your chatbot exists to assist your prospect through the customer journey. We have two options for chatbot platforms:

Let your customer know that you’re there to help at any step of the process before they’ve even added an item to their cart. Customer service chatbots can answer questions about products and services, schedule sales meetings and appointments, and solve customer service issues.

A Facebook chatbot can allow you to gain new leads or keep current customers happy. Targeted ad prospects can contact you directly from a Facebook ad, you can automatically respond to comments on a post, or direct customers directly to your Facebook messenger through multiple channels, including website, email, or text message.

At Dave Creek Media, our team will determine if and how a chatbot can help your business and which chatbot is right for you. Then, we’ll create chatbots on whichever platforms work best and use analytics tools to ensure you get the most out of our chatbot services. Get in touch today to find out more!

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