Splash Carwash & 10 Min Oil Change

The Local One-Stop-Shop for Car Care

About Splash

Splash Carwash set out with the mission to make regular car maintenance simple and easy. They provide state-of-the-art car washes, express detailing, and oil changes, and are passionate about serving their community. The client realized if they wanted to continue growing, they needed to level up their digital marketing strategies to stand out among the competition.

The Marketing Strategy


Paid Advertising

To reach new audiences, our Paid Advertising Specialists utilized existing customer data to create three unique personas for targeted ad campaigns. These campaigns resulted in a 45%, 35%, and 55% increase in new customers across those demographics. Our team also implemented google search campaigns targeting high-performance keywords to help increase market share and continues to run ads for new location openings, promotions, and back-to-school events and to increase brand awareness.


Website & Local SEO

We worked with Splash Carwash to create a professional, user-friendly, and conversion-focused website that has reached over 152,000 people since its creation. With our help, they have received over 1,200 form-fill requests and 3,200 phone calls. By working relevant keywords into the copy of their website, Splash now has the highest organic Google ranking in the Conway area under the keyword “car wash”.


Email Automation

When a potential customer fills out a form and takes the step to reach out, it’s critical that they receive a timely follow-up. We set up relevant automated emails for Splash Carwash to help ensure no request falls through the cracks and to keep those potential customers engaged with their brand.  

In Their Own Words

“My favorite thing about working with Dave Creek is the value-adds and the ideas they bring to the table. They’re always looking for ways to add value to our business. We’ve worked with companies in the past that we felt like were just task-executors and you guys are always bringing fresh and new ideas.” 

Justin Young

Director of Marketing at Splash Carwash

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