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Average Cost per Click (CPC)

The amount that you spend on a click to your website on average. (Formula is Cost / Clicks).

Average Engagement Time

How much time a user was engaged while on the site (moving the mouse, scrolling, etc).

Avg. Session Duration

The average duration of a website session.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of times that a user only visited a single page in a session before leaving the site. Can be meaningful or not depending on the context. If there is a very low bounce rate it could mean that the website content is not relevant, or that the user experience is poor. It could also mean that the traffic being driven to the site is poor quality; however, in some cases a high bounce rate can be expected. If a website is just a single landing page with nowhere else to explore, one would expect a high bounce rate. If an ad is driving a user to a landing page with content to educate the user then drives an action such as a call or form fill, we might expect a high bounce rate since there wouldn’t be much else for the user to need to do after landing on that page.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

This is the number of clicks your ad got divided by the number of impressions your ad got. It is the average percentage of people that saw your ad and clicked on it. For example: if you had 100 people see your ad (100 impressions) and 10 of those people clicked on it (10 clicks) then you would have a Click Through Rate of 10%.


This is tracked when a user clicks on your ad and were then directed to your website or landing page.