What you need to know to strengthen your digital marketing.

How to Plug Your Marketing Leaks to Unlock New Revenue and Business Growth

Uncover Your Weak Spots in Digital Marketing

Are you tired of guessing whether your online presence is working for you— or against you? There are hundreds of marketing tactics to try, but it is difficult to understand what’s truly moving the needle toward business growth.

Increase Your Visibility & Revenue

Our Growth Audit measures everything that matters to the online success of your business. In other words, it’s all you need to make more strategic digital marketing decisions. We focus on five key areas to uncover weaknesses and improve your online presence. 

SEO & Online Visibility

Search Engine Optimization gives you an edge over your competition by bringing more prospects and customers straight to your website from searches they make on search engines like Google.

Performance & Security

Securing your website builds trust, meaning slow-loading pages are a killer! Make your pages load faster to improve your visitor experience and increase conversion rates.

User Experience

User Experience and design is a strategic process of enhancing a website by improving the visual elements, usability, accessibility, and interactions to ensure the site is user-friendly.

Content Format & Copy

To dominate a crowded market, your website and copy must be well-written and formatted so that it is easy to read, SEO friendly, and focused on your ideal target audience.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action like filling out a form, becoming customers, etc.

Partner with a Results-Driven Marketing Team

At Dave Creek Media, we have a philosophy and formula to get our clients better rankings, more traffic, and customers.

We’ll use our Connected Marketing Architecture framework to assess how you will captivate, motivate, and activate an audience to become customers.

Growth Audit FAQ

The Growth Audit is totally free with zero obligation to sign up for any of our services – Scout’s honor.

We typically have the report ready within 1-2 business days. We are quick and thorough.

Absolutely. When our team finishes the audit, we will go ahead and set up a 20-30 minute meeting so we can break down the report and explain our findings.

We haven’t met a company yet that didn’t have at least 3-5 action items that would help their business grow.

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