How a small town made a big impact in digital marketing

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The City of Morrilton


City Government


Morrilton, AR, USA

Marketing Tools

The Marketing Strategy

Before partnering with Dave Creek Media, the City of Morrilton’s digital marketing presence was lacking in several key areas. The City of Morrilton felt that their previous website was lacking detail and were unhappy with its overall bland and unprofessional appearance. They also found it difficult to navigate and felt it did not adequately serve as a resource for all things Morrilton. 

Additionally, while the city had a presence on social media platforms, they struggled to keep content relevant and up to date, leaving them feeling overwhelmed.

Dave Creek Media has transformed the City of Morrilton’s digital marketing presence into an effective tool for promoting community engagement, attracting visitors, and fostering economic growth.



Dave Creek Media’s team of website specialists transformed the underperforming website into a user-friendly interface with detailed information about local attractions, events, and resources. Its professional design now accurately reflects Morrilton’s small-town charm, making it a valuable resource for both residents and visitors alike. 

The implementation of search engine optimization strategies also enhanced the city’s visibility and accessibility online.


Paid Advertising

One challenge that the City of Morrilton faced was getting the word out about its community and all of the qualities that make it charming and unique from surrounding areas.

Our team used targeted social media ads to effectively promote local events and attractions, driving engagement and increasing revenue streams from both existing and new residents.


Social Media Posting

Dave Creek Media’s expertise in social media strategy enhanced the city’s online presence. With strategic planning and consistent posting, the social media channels became hubs of information, showcasing events, attractions, and the best of what Morrilton has to offer, attracting new residents, businesses, and tourists.


Video Production

Our videography specialists crafted professional video content to help prospective visitors and residents of Morrilton experience the city’s rich heritage and various attractions.

This content drove engagement for the client’s brand by being used in paid advertising, the website, and social posting.

The Results

The City of Morrilton has made great strides with brand awareness across every area of marketing, with 1,049,949 total impressions on the website delivered from ads and 583 conversions driven in less than one year from ads alone.

Our team also drove over 738K ad impressions, with a click-through rate 59% higher than the platform average.

The client’s efforts on their social media platforms also saw some impressive results, with a 542.3% increase in unique individuals reached and a 93.5% increase in content interactions.

In Their Own Words

“As a small city with limited resources, working with Dave Creek Media has been a magical whirlwind for the City of Morrilton–in all the best ways. 

Dave Creek Media worked to help fulfill our social media and website vision for our city by meeting us where we are, walking alongside us, and never hesitating to hold our hands along the way. They asked the right questions and pushed us to think about our processes differently. 

This partnership has saved our staff time, energy, headache, and heartache.

 If you don’t have social media or website experience, Dave Creek Media is great at that. 

If your social media and/or web presence is overwhelming you, Dave Creek Media is awesome at that, too. 

Do not hesitate to reach out and set up a date with their staff. They offer research and data-driven solutions which means they will nerd out on stats and share new trends that could realistically benefit you today. And their team approach ensures you are never alone in the process and gives you the advantage of all their great minds working together for you.”

- City of Morrilton

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