Dave Creek Media Celebrates 5 Years of Growth

A New Breed of Digital Marketing

Dave Creek Media (DCM), a leading full-service digital marketing agency in Conway, Arkansas, celebrated its 5th birthday on April 1st, 2022.

Founded in 2017 by corporate executives Glenn Crockett and Jeff Standridge, DCM more than doubled its team over the past five years. Among these additions includes Jakob Michaelis, who joined as a partner and Chief Strategy Officer in 2020. 

When reflecting on the company’s growth, Michaelis said, “The growth has been explosive. It’s crazy how we’ve more than doubled the size of our team, the number of accounts we bring on, and the brands we’re able to serve.”

Glenn Crockett, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DCM, says, “We’ve grown at a rate that I couldn’t have imagined… We now serve over 70 clients worldwide, but we couldn’t do it without our incredible team and the clients we get to work with.”

One of these clients is Justin Young, Director of Marketing at Splash Carwash, who says, “My favorite thing about working with Dave Creek Media is the value-adds… We’ve worked with companies in the past that we felt like were just task-executors, but [Dave Creek Media] is always bringing fresh, new ideas to the table.”

Regarding the future of Dave Creek Media, Stephanie Crockett, DCM Finance and Human Resources, adds, “I think the future is bright for Dave Creek Media and the opportunities are limitless. We have a great team of experts and go-getters here.”

In addition to marking five years of growth and helping other businesses grow, Dave Creek Media also celebrated the signing of their first franchisee in Northwest Arkansas, which happened to be on the same day as the company’s anniversary. 

For more information about Dave Creek Media, please contact Glenn Crockett at glenn@davecreekmedia.com.