Leverage Your Space On The Internet


Your website is the piece of the Internet that you own. In many ways, it is the keystone of your digital marketing strategy. You need the digital marketing expertise that can help you capitalize on your web traffic. Don’t waste the opportunity to connect with your ideal customer, introduce your brand and solutions, and capture highly qualified leads.

There’s much more that goes into a website than meets the eye. Modern websites have to be about more than pretty photos and the right brand colors. It takes a digital marketing agency that knows how to use the following key components:

Conversion-Focused Design

Every element of your web design should be dynamically tailored to move your audience through the customer journey and drive conversions. Strategize on the front end of the web development process to identify the easiest path to get your customers from point A to point B.  You’ll want to build an easy-to-navigate website to increase traffic and bring people back for more.

Relevant Images & Video

You want your web design to be cohesive. Using relevant images and video help create a clear vision for your potential customers, making it that much easier to keep them engaged and interested in what you’re all about.

Persuasive Copywriting

If your website is all style and no substance, your target audience will struggle in the customer journey and likely leave your site unsure of what your message is. Clear and persuasive website copy plays a massive role in communicating who you are and how your customer will benefit from your services.

Clear Call-To-Action

As soon as your customer clicks on your website, you want them to know why they’re there and what they can expect from you. Having a clear CTA on each page will help shorten the customer journey, increase the user-friendliness of your website, and drive conversions.

Consistent Message

Your best selling point is what makes you unique. You want to send a consistent message to potential customers to build a relationship with them and allow them to see what makes you stand out. You can do this by providing a consistent voice and aesthetic throughout your website so they become familiar and comfortable with your organization.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your website’s visibility, generate website traffic, and reach your target audience using Search Engine Optimization. By sculpting your copy around the keywords your ideal audience is searching for, you’ll promote lead generation and allow your potential customers to find you. Utilize metadata to provide next-level impressions and create easy access to the information your audience needs to know about your business.

The DCM Approach

A website is practically a requirement for any digital marketing strategy these days. The conversation has become less about how to build a website as there are plenty of free tools, cost-friendly web design services, and $50 freelancers available. Instead, there is an increasing demand for transforming your website into a revenue machine that not every web design agency can provide.

Some websites start with good intentions but their full potential is never realized. We offer a wealth of recommendations to make sure your custom website does its job as part of your digital marketing strategies.


Friendship Community Care has a passion for helping those in their community who need additional support, but had trouble communicating the breadth of services they provide. We were able to create a website design with distinct journeys for each service line with clear messaging on the value of each service. We also created specific opt-in forms per service line with tracking to identify sources of prospects to match the marketing efforts.

Your Website

We will absolutely check all of the boxes when it comes to your website expectations. It will be beautifully designed and mobile responsive with attention to user experience. However, there are a few standout differences in what Dave Creek Media can deliver for you. It all revolves around the customer journey and driving conversions that matter to your business.

We believe the home page should be the last place a visitor should land. Driving traffic to topic-specific landing pages shortens the customer journey and matches the visitor’s interest immediately.

Website visitors and search engines need sufficient information to evaluate your offer. Detailed content is critical for visibility and conversions.

Having a specific call-to-action – whether that’s a web form or phone number – relative to the service they are interested in gives a direct line to the right department for the best next steps.

Our website design service is fully-managed. We handle every aspect of your ongoing website maintenance from the tech setup, implementation, updates, backups, monitoring, and reporting so you can rest assured no customer is left behind. Get in touch today to find out more!

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