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Attract Visitors to Your Community with Marketing for Tourism.

In the tourism industry, online presence is paramount when it comes to attracting visitors to your area. However, tourism marketing efforts can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to identify your target audience and get them to stop scrolling and plan a trip to your community.

At Dave Creek Media, we specialize in crafting tailored strategies to attract visitors to your destination like never before. With our vast expertise in digital marketing, we can develop a tourism marketing strategy that ensures you stand out amidst the competition, driving heads in beds and new feet on your streets.

We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions designed specifically for the tourism industry. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs and goals, from strategic social media marketing campaigns to captivating content creation and beyond. With our proven track record of success, you can trust us to deliver results that exceed your expectations and drive your tourist traffic to new heights.

We do this in three very specific ways:


We understand that your goals for tourism are to attract visitors to your area and boost your local economy by driving foot traffic for local businesses and events. We use the best tourism marketing strategies to stop your next visitor in their tracks and show them what makes your town the ideal destination.

With thousands of messages that inundate your audience daily, we’ve mastered the art of breaking through the noise. We captivate your audience through tailored strategies, and each element is meticulously crafted to position your city as a place worthy of adventure.

How We Captivate


Once we have their attention, we start building the relationship. At this stage in the journey, we begin to educate prospective visitors about your destination, whether it be a place of rest and relaxation or excitement and adventure. Your website plays a central role in this process and serves to showcase the events, attractions, and other opportunities your city has to offer potential travelers.

We use destination marketing campaigns to continue nurturing the relationship between your community and previous visitors, as well as surrounding communities. We remind them of all the memories they made during their last visit and future memories that could be made if they take the next step to plan their stay.

How We Motivate


Finally, we move beyond highlighting all that your tourist destination has to offer; it’s time to take the relationships we’ve been building to the next level and give your prospect the next steps for booking their trip.

Your destination marketing strategy is focused on attracting new travelers to your city and welcoming those who have visited recently to come back.

In the activation stage, we’ll use consistent and impactful follow-ups that ensure prospects remain engaged and informed about what’s going on in your city, enticing them to plan their visit.

How We Activate

How We Win Together

Our comprehensive approach ensures that clients in the tourism sector establish a compelling digital presence and effectively engage potential visitors looking for their next adventure. 

With effective tourism marketing strategies, we help cities that strive to attract tourists do just that–get the word out about everything that makes your community worth visiting to boost your local economy and showcase your town as a vibrant tourist destination.

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