Starting a career can be hard easy.

Jumpstart your future today with a SPɅRK internship.

Julio Pinales

Fall 2023 Intern

Find your spark and take your passion further.

You’ve spent years learning in a classroom setting. Tackling the next life milestone of starting a career can be daunting at best and impossible at worst. How do you avoid the cycle of needing experience for a job, but needing a job for experience? How do you distill hundreds of hours of education into a clear direction for a fulfilling career?

Gain new skills that build an agency career path.

SPɅRK is a 12-week experience that combines education, mentorship, and real-world projects. Transform your interest into the beginnings of mastery that will propel you into a career you’ll love.

Deep-dive Skills Development

You’ve spent enough time getting broad exposure to different topics. We’ll take you down one of six core paths to quickly establish a level of mastery unmatched by other programs. This gives you a highly relevant skill set that would be attractive to anyone in the industry.

Peer-level Mentorship

Forget about struggling to find your way with random training programs. You’ll sit alongside peers that have been where you are right now and are in thriving careers. Soak up their knowledge and level up your own understanding faster than ever.

Live Client Projects

Pretend work from pretend companies hardly equates to real-world results. Get experience in the trenches of client work for real brands that have real goals. Identify challenges, collaborate on solutions, and help execute strategies that produce measured results. Then enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your work out in the wild.

See what our interns have to say!

“I’ve gotten to work on live client projects and I have learned so much from my mentor and I have gained a lot more confidence in my skills.”

– Annie Shelton; Graphic Design Intern 2022

“Having an uplifting environment to know that even if I try something that I might not really think will work out, I can always bounce back from it and I have the resources of Dave Creek to help me fulfill it.”

– Gabi Pervis; Social Media Intern 2022

Surround yourself with people who care about your growth.

Dave Creek Media has always invested in up-and-coming talent. With the SPɅRK Internship program, you’ll be surrounded by people that want you to succeed and leaders passionate about career development.

Jakob Michaelis, Chief Strategy Officer - Dave Creek Media

Jakob Michaelis

Chief Strategy Officer, Partner | Dave Creek Media
BFA Graphic Design | University of Central Arkansas

Jakob has a 20-year career in marketing spanning freelance, contract, agency, and executive roles. He experienced the need to bridge the gap between education and experience firsthand. Jakob’s goal with SPɅRK is to help others nurture their interests and evolve their abilities to create a highly-qualified talent pool in Central Arkansas.

Hanna Manning, Director of Operations - Dave Creek Media

Hanna Manning

Director of Operations | Dave Creek Media
BSE Early Childhood Education | University of Central Arkansas
MSE Educational Administration And Leadership | Lamar University

With a heart for students and young professionals, Hanna successfully transitioned from a career in primary education to an agency setting. She leverages her ability to develop clear processes to organize everything that happens at Dave Creek Media. Hanna’s goal with SPɅRK is to provide a setting where people can be fully immersed in a meaningful way and enter the career field equipped to use their skills and passions.

Let's answer your burning questions.

Yes! We are more than happy to work with your academic institution to complete any necessary paperwork required for you to receive school credit.

We don’t use interns for cheap labor, and you won’t be fetching lunch and brewing coffee (unless you make a fantastic latte, then you’re welcome to share). The SPɅRK program blends education, mentorship, and project work to ensure you get a well-rounded experience that will help launch your career.

We can’t guarantee a full-time job offer at the end of the internship. However, we hope that if we invest in you as an intern and you excel during the program, a job offer would be a no-brainer. Many DCM employees started out as interns. These are the first people we look to when filling entry-level positions.

Yes. At the end of the day, marketing is all about communication. We use your resume and your cover letter to help us evaluate your communication skills.

Absolutely. After all, our team will look for your profiles anyway, so sharing them up front saves us all some time. Social media is one of our six core specialties, so don’t hesitate to show off any social media experience, even if it’s personal.

Interns are expected to be available 15-20 hours weekly during DCM operating hours. DCM hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, with a 1-hour lunch. We value an excellent culture, so if you have a doctor’s appointment or another important matter, we try to work with you as much as possible.

You can include a link on your resume or cover letter. There’s also a portfolio field on the internship application form.

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