Build a Lasting Legacy In Your School

Take your school's branding to the next level.

Creating a cohesive school branding package is essential for establishing a consistent and recognizable identity for your educational institution. With a cohesive branding package and a strong digital marketing strategy, your school can stand out from the competition and attract the attention it deserves. 

To get the most from your school brand, you need a digital marketing team with an in-depth knowledge of best practices that will help you:

Build Trust and Credibility

Cohesive branding can create a professional and consistent image for the school, which can help establish a sense of trust and credibility among prospective students and families. When a school’s visual identity, messaging, and overall brand experience are consistent and of high quality, it can communicate to stakeholders that the school is committed to excellence and takes its reputation seriously. This can be a powerful tool for attracting and retaining students, as well as building strong relationships with the wider community.

Create a Sense of Community

Cohesive branding can help build a sense of community and shared identity among staff, students, and families. By creating a consistent visual identity and messaging that reflects the school’s values, culture, and mission, a school can help stakeholders feel a sense of belonging and unity. This can foster a positive school culture, promote school spirit, and encourage greater engagement and participation in school events and activities. When stakeholders feel a sense of community and belonging, they are more likely to be invested in the success of the school and contribute to its growth and development.

Differentiate from Competitors

Cohesive branding can help a school stand out from its competitors and communicate its unique strengths and values in a way that resonates with its target audience. By creating a distinct visual identity, messaging, and overall brand experience, a school can differentiate itself from other schools and establish itself as a leader in its market. This can help attract prospective students and families who are looking for a school that aligns with their values and educational goals, as well as retain current students who value the school’s unique offerings and culture.

Increase Awareness and Recognition

Cohesive branding can help increase awareness of a school’s offerings and achievements and make it more memorable and recognizable to key stakeholders. By creating a consistent visual identity and messaging that is used across all channels and touchpoints, a school can reinforce its brand and make a stronger impression on stakeholders. This can help promote the school’s programs, activities, and achievements, as well as make it more likely that stakeholders will remember the school when they are making decisions about education. By increasing recognition and awareness of the school, a cohesive brand can help support the school’s growth and success over the long term.

The DCM Approach

As school districts in Arkansas continue to face increasing challenges, Dave Creek Media (DCM) is positioned to provide your district with additional products and services to turn those challenges into rewarding opportunities. From digital marketing to logo-printed promo products and spirit gear, DCM has the proven experience and resources to assist school districts with student recruitment, leadership engagement, and promoting community pride in your schools.

In summary, we want to help you GROW!

Your Scholastic Branding Package

The entire development of the package is as easy as it is rewarding. Step by step, Dave Creek Scholastic will guide you through the process, from the initial consultation to graphic design/proofing to delivery of the completed job. The project timeline is approximately eight weeks, and there are four primary logo components that become the basis for the entire package:

By graphically updating your current mascot logo and rolling out your new brand across the entire district, SBM can dramatically enhance your school’s image and impact.

A new nameplate can help your school present a more positive and professional image while also boosting visibility, recognition, and school spirit.

A well-designed mascot/nameplate combination can enhance your school’s branding and marketing efforts by creating a consistent and memorable image that can be used in various promotional materials.

An updated signature mark can help a school establish a distinctive and memorable identity, making it easier for people to recognize and remember the school.

Create a cohesive brand identity package that will transform your school district and community.

Let us help you take advantage of the endless benefits of professional scholastic branding and marketing.

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"The team worked closely with me as I worked in conjunction with alumni, coaches, administration, and school board members towards a branding image that was agreeable by all stakeholders in the process. I was especially pleased with how they were able to receive feedback from our stakeholder groups and make the necessary changes that led us towards an excellent product."
Dr. Mark Gotcher
Superintendent, Atkins School District
“…so we decided to work with Dan Nicholson, and there is no doubt it was the right decision. Dan was great to work with, and his team created a district logo package that we are very proud of. We were very happy with the service and the graphics package they delivered.”
Dr. David Stephens
Superintendent Vilonia School District
“In 2011, RSD contracted with Dan Nicholson and his team to create and deliver a contemporary branding package for our district. The results were well worth the investment…as they were a pleasure with which to work. We were completely satisfied with the finished product, and I would recommend their services without reservation.”
Randall Williams
Superintendent Russellville School District
“It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I recommend Dan Nicholson to create your school district branding package. It was exciting to work with Dan and his team throughout the development process because it absolutely excited our district stakeholders! They were professional and responsive to all of our input, and desired to always meet our expectations. It is without reservation that I would recommend him for your district’s branding needs."
Shawn Halbrook
Superintendent South Conway County Schools / Morrilton