Utilize Landing Pages to Captivate Your Audience


We believe the home page should be the last place website visitors land. Driving traffic to topic-specific landing pages shortens the customer journey and matches the visitor’s interest immediately.

A landing page serves as a standalone web page that stays laser-focused on one product or service. To get the most from your landing page, you need a digital marketing team with an in-depth knowledge of landing page best practices that will help you:

Captivate Your Target Audience

An effective landing page weaves together persuasive copy, relevant photo and video, and eye-grabbing design to capture attention and communicate who you are and how your customer will benefit from your services.

Reduce Bounce Rates

The beauty of a landing page is that your prospective customers are immediately met with the information that matters to them. This makes for a user-friendly experience that reduces bounce rates and increases the amount of time spent engaging with your page.

Increase Conversions

Shortening the customer journey by utilizing landing pages has proven to boost conversion rates. By reducing possible roadblocks and navigation issues, your site visitor will have a better overall impression of your business and is more likely to employ your services.

Generate Leads

Include a clear call to action and form field on your landing page to generate leads and allow you to follow up with your potential client. A great landing page will give your customer the specific information they need to take next steps and will connect them to the relevant department.

The DCM Approach

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is over-generalizing and under-communicating. This can leave potential customers uninterested in what you have to say and unconvinced that your business can help them. Creating quality, conversion-focused landing pages allows you to speak directly to the needs of your customer to keep them engaged and move them through the customer journey.

We’ve poured countless hours of research and testing into our landing page design strategy and framework. We know what works and what doesn’t so you get the highest ROI possible.


Amicus creates solutions that help businesses meet FDA standards and improve profitability with increased efficiency, scale, and compliance. We helped them simplify and streamline their customer journey by creating landing pages for each service and industry. We also created specific opt-in forms per service line with tracking to identify sources of prospects to match the marketing efforts.

Your Landing Page

Your landing page will be beautifully designed and mobile responsive with attention to user experience. However, there are a few standout differences in what Dave Creek Media can deliver for you. It all revolves around the customer journey and driving conversions that matter to your business.

Landing page visitors and search engines need sufficient information to evaluate your offer. Detailed content is critical for visibility and conversions.

Sculpting copy around the keywords your ideal audience is searching for promotes lead generation and allows your potential customers to find you. We utilize metadata to provide next-level impressions and create easy access to the information your audience needs to know about your business.

Having a dedicated landing page for a specific product or service means you can direct traffic from an ad or social post directly to the information they’re interested in. 

Our custom landing pages are designed to captivate potential customers and match them immediately to the service they’re looking for. Your high-converting landing page will help you get noticed and see the results you’ve been missing.