Know Your Customers And Speak Directly To Them


Email inboxes are often cluttered with promotions that get trashed without a second thought. It’s been argued that email marketing is dead. The truth is, it still works as an effective channel to nurture your audience when it’s done correctly. Your email list only cares about what’s relevant to them – so send the messages that get their attention.

Building a valuable email list goes beyond the opt-in:

Relevant Segmentation

Leverage your email platform to segment contacts based on their interactions with your ads, website, and social media. This will deliver more engaging email marketing campaigns to your target audience, driving click-throughs and conversions.

Dynamic Tagging

When someone interacts with your website or an ad for your business, a service-specific tag is automatically added to their profile. This tagging allows you to send laser-targeted emails to the people who care, increasing the likelihood of engagement with your offer.

Intelligent Sequences

Drip email marketing use segmentation, tagging, and activity tracking to provide your potential customers with a choose your own adventure style experience. With every step they take, a tailored-to-them automated email will follow up, encouraging follow-through, conversions, and repeat customers.

Quality Messaging

You could have the best segmentation and tagging in the world, but if your message isn’t clear and quality, your campaign will fall flat. Having engaging copy is imperative to reaching consumers and taking them through the customer journey.

The DCM Approach

Despite claims that no one checks email and everything goes to spam, the data proves otherwise. Building an audience you own protects you from the mercy of social platforms and other mediums that hold your audience captive. These new strategies ensure your list is profitable.

Email marketing is often underutilized and checked off as either irrelevant (no one opens) or mandatory (a basic newsletter). Understanding how to leverage access to your audience’s inbox can turn into a goldmine of revenue opportunities for upsells, cross-sells, and increased exposure.


 Innovation Junkie sends out regular communication about their upcoming podcast episodes. By tracking open and click-through rates, we can time additional sequences promoting a service relevant to each person on the list.

Your Email Campaigns

Dave Creek Media can help build more intelligence around your email list to seek additional revenue opportunities and drive business growth.

Go beyond basic email marketing campaign metrics and build a clearer picture of each person on your list. Based on their interactions with your emails and website, we will adjust their customer journey appropriately.

We can help establish marketing-focused segments and create campaigns around upsell and cross-sell opportunities to increase average customer value.

A dynamic email sequence for new customers or promotions builds better relationships. We adapt the sequence based on interactions to strike the perfect balance between adequate follow-up frequency and relevant messaging.

Our email marketing service focuses on the larger strategy of how to best leverage the audience you own to grow your business. We uncover missed opportunities and create new ones with the data you already have. Get in touch today to find out more!

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