Central Tube and Bar

3D tube laser technology with endless possibilities

About Central Tube & Bar

Central Tube and Bar provides top notch products and services for a wide array of industries and OEMs ranging from Energy to Manufacturing. After 20 years in the industry, they were looking for a more creative way to find and capture valuable leads that would have six figure contract value. The struggle was trying to find the exact way to stand out of the crowd and effectively connect with the decision maker within those companies. 

What we did

Conversion Focused Website
Social Media
Video Brochures
Custom Audiences
Display Ads
Email Automations

How we helped

Our solution was to produce video mailer brochures for specific industries. These video mailers would be linked to a conversion-focused landing page with ample information about why you should choose Central Tube and Bar for your manufacturing needs. The process included calling, emailing, and delivering Facebook and display ads once the video mailers arrived to the specific leads we chose. 

Out of all the video mailers we have sent, a high percentage have currently resulted in contracts with Central Tube and Bar.